Monday, May 26, 2014

Live via Instagram {March-April}

Silly faces by Miss Q.

Levi went snowboard in and he of course got hurt and separated his shoulder. Brecken drew him a picture and she drew one back for her while he was gone.

Leprechaun trap for school!

Ready for warmer weather!

Love the photo bomb by Quinn. Brecken was telling me she was happy it was "slow" Sunday instead of "fast" Sunday so she could have treats in class.

Headed to Grandy and Pops for spring break!


SLC Zoo!

Daddy turned 33 while we were gone. We were glad to be able to celebrate before we left.
Visiting my alma mater.

Ready for the color festival!

She finally decided it was kind of fun at the end.

She didn't last very long on our in-door Easter egg hunt once she figured out there was candy inside. We were cooped up on a blizzard Sunday!

Life is hard when you punch a boy in the face on the bus...

Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt at Grandma's!

Going through their loot.

Easter Sunday together at church.

Loving their new nightgowns from the E.B.

Brecken sporting her new bike gloves from the E.B. as well.

Perfect evening eating at La Loma followed by Little Man…both one of our favorites!

We "shared" this ice cream sandwich that was the size of her head. She pretty much dominated it.

Guess B and I matched with our navy maxi's at church. :)

Quinny got my keys off the console, put them in the ignition, and turned it far enough to turn on the radio. All while I ran back in the house when I forgot something. Little stinker.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Life via Instagram {Jan-Feb}

It always seems that the kids start off new year with being sick…this year was no different. I'm pretty sure that is one of the saddest faces I've seen!

Since Brecken wasn't in the car with us when we went through the car wash, she wanted to hold my hand since the girls always hold hands when going through.

Wedding dress shopping with cousin Cassie. 

Hyper girl excited and waiting to go to the stock show/rodeo.

And of course daddy spent as much on treats as he did the tickets :)

I randomly decided I wanted a video cam for Quinn's room. This is what we saw one of the first couple of nights we had it. 

Movie, popcorn and a fort with my favorite people.

Quinn had an eye exam and they noticed astigmatism in her right eye. They want to check it again in 6 months…but here's to hoping we don't have to get glasses for a two year old! 

Kayla got this sweet little shot of Quinn. It is one of my favorites.

Practicing her speech with Mrs. Lisa.

Superhero capes from Aunt Callie were a big hit. 

A day delayed due to weather, but Grandy and Pops finally made it to help us celebrate Quinn's 2nd birthday.

The cute birthday girl. She didn't realize her birthday was overshadowed by the Broncos being in the Superbowl. We all know how that ended up, so we'll just focus on her birthday instead :)

Chef play set from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Drew.

My cheese ball Valentine's.

Miss Brecken is very excited to be a flower girl for cousin Cassie's wedding this summer.

The top piggly wiggly ate 12 pancakes and still wanted more and the bottom ate 10. They both still requested cereal after all that!